The bonuses in the Itzulia

The bonuses in the Itzulia

The bonuses in the Itzulia

The bonuses in the Itzulia

18/03/2018 18:35:35

Time bonuses in the finish line and the intermediate sprints are one of the novelties of this edition. Finally, 10, 6 and 4 seconds will be given to the first three classified in each stage and not 6, 4 and 2 seconds as initially was announced.

According to article 8 of the regulation “Time bonuses will be granted in the finish lines of all stages, except the 4th (I.T.T.), with 10, 6 and 4 seconds respectively to the first three classified. In the same stages, bonuses will be also given in the intermediate sprints. The first three riders classified in those points will receive 3, 2 and 1 second respectively”. 

This decision made by the organization aims to encourage the fight between riders and give emotion to the overall classification. With the bonuses it is wanted to encourage cyclists' movement, that they have to strive to fight for those seconds without be waiting at the end.

There will be two intermediate sprints in each stage, except in the time trial, and they will be in the following points:

- 1st stage. Zarautz – Zarautz: in Orio at Km 91,7 and in Zumaia at Km 114,2

- 2nd stage.. Zarautz – Bermeo: in Kortezubi atl Km 78,4 and in Bakio at Km 141

- 3rd stage. Bermeo – Valdegovía: both in Anuncita at Km 114,8 and at Km 152,8

- 5th stage. Vitoria - Gasteiz – Eibar: in Bergara at Km 96,5 and in Loiola at Km 118,2

- 6th stage. Eibar – Arrate: in Eibar at Km 83,8 and in Etxeberria at Km 98,4